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  • 53:05 Popular Wrong Road (1937)

    Wrong Road (1937)

    by admin Added 2,491 Views / Likes

    Spoiled young lovers rob bank and hide the loot. Lionell Atwill tries to find it. With Richard Cromwell and Helen Mack.

  • 2:01:17 Popular Guest in the House (1944)

    Guest in the House (1944)

    by admin Added 2,770 Views / Likes

    Story of a young woman's obsessive love. Evelyn (Anne Baxter), an emotionally unstable woman, stays at the home of her doctor Dan Proctor (Scott McKay). She meets and falls in love with the doctors brother Douglas, but he is already happily married. Evely

  • 1:16:00 Popular For You I Die (1947)

    For You I Die (1947)

    by admin Added 2,940 Views / Likes

    A prison inmate trying to go straight is forced into participating in a prison break by another convict. After the two men escape, they separate. The reluctant inmate hides out in a cafe, where he falls in love with a waitress who works there - who he doe

  • 1:12:11 Popular Fear in the Night (1947)

    Fear in the Night (1947)

    by admin Added 2,693 Views / Likes

    DeForest Kelley in a Cornell Woolrich story.

  • 1:08:13 Popular Detour (1945)

    Detour (1945)

    by admin Added 2,314 Views / Likes

    "Man is involved in two freakish accidents that make him look like a murderer. Poverty row masterwork that is the most precise elucidation of the noir theme of explicit fatalism."

  • 1:23:12 Popular D.O.A. (1949)

    D.O.A. (1949)

    by admin Added 3,439 Views / Likes

    D.O.A. (1950) is a film noir drama film directed by Rudolph Maté, considered a classic of the stylistic genre. The frantically-paced plot revolves around a doomed man's quest to find out who has poisoned him – and why – before he dies.

  • 1:02:00 Popular Convict's Code (1939)

    Convict's Code (1939)

    by admin Added 3,389 Views / Likes

    An ex-con is employed by the man who framed him for bank robbery.

  • 1:14:12 Popular Cause for Alarm! (1951)

    Cause for Alarm! (1951)

    by admin Added 3,960 Views / Likes

    A flashback shows how Ellen met George in a naval hospital during World War II while she was dating his friend, Lieutenant Ranney Grahame (Bruce Cowling), a young military doctor whose busy schedule left little time for her. George was a pilot and Ellen s

  • 1:28:17 Popular Borderline (1950)

    Borderline (1950)

    by admin Added 3,000 Views / Likes

    Fred MacMurray and Claire Trevor are caught in Mexican dope-smuggling ring, fearing each other is involved, but both undercover agents. Cast includes Raymond Burr.

  • 1:13:00 Popular Blonde Ice (1948)

    Blonde Ice (1948)

    by admin Added 3,392 Views / Likes

    A society reporter keeps herself in the headlines by marrying a series of wealthy men. They all die mysteriously afterwards though.

  • 1:10:03 Popular Big Bluff (1955)

    Big Bluff (1955)

    by admin Added 3,508 Views / Likes

    Big Bluff (1955)

  • 1:04:13 Popular Behind Green Lights (1946)

    Behind Green Lights (1946)

    by admin Added 3,467 Views / Likes

    Behind Green Lights (1946)

  • 1:29:07 Popular Beat the Devil (1953)

    Beat the Devil (1953)

    by admin Added 3,455 Views / Likes

    Beat the Devil This movie has not become a cult classic for nothing. Among its other merits, it is one of the few films where a film noir is mixed with a comedy. It’s a whose who of actors of it’s vintage and is directed by John Huston. It sta

  • 1:29:21 Popular Beat The Devil - Starring Humphrey Bogart

    Beat The Devil - Starring Humphrey Bogart

    by admin Added 41.7k Views / Likes

    Beat The Devil, starring Humphrey Bogart, tells the story of a quartet of rogues on their way to Africa to make their fortune by laying claim to land rich in uranium deposits in Kenya. Also travelling with them are the Dannreuthers, a British couple who a

  • 03:31 Popular Key Lime Pie

    Key Lime Pie

    by admin Added 2,194 Views / Likes

    In this animated noir, a man's obsession with key lime pie brings him to the brink of insanity and a chance encounter with the grim reaper.Directed by Trevor Jimenez. Copyright 2007.

  • 1:20:21 Popular Time Table (1956) [Film Noir] [Drama]

    Time Table (1956) [Film Noir] [Drama]

    by admin Added 10.5k Views / Likes

    A physician, whose license has been revoked, poses as a practicing doctor aboard a train passing through Arizona. His presence there is part of a caper involving a fictitious patient, on whose behalf he gains access to his checked baggage, including his p

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