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Film Noir Films

  • 1:08:13 Popular Detour (1945)

    Detour (1945)

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    "Man is involved in two freakish accidents that make him look like a murderer. Poverty row masterwork that is the most precise elucidation of the noir theme of explicit fatalism."

  • 1:12:11 Popular Fear in the Night (1947)

    Fear in the Night (1947)

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    DeForest Kelley in a Cornell Woolrich story.

  • 1:16:00 Popular For You I Die (1947)

    For You I Die (1947)

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    A prison inmate trying to go straight is forced into participating in a prison break by another convict. After the two men escape, they separate. The reluctant inmate hides out in a cafe, where he falls in love with a waitress who works there - who he doe

  • 2:01:17 Popular Guest in the House (1944)

    Guest in the House (1944)

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    Story of a young woman's obsessive love. Evelyn (Anne Baxter), an emotionally unstable woman, stays at the home of her doctor Dan Proctor (Scott McKay). She meets and falls in love with the doctors brother Douglas, but he is already happily married. Evely

  • 1:19:16 Popular He Walked By Night (1948)

    He Walked By Night (1948)

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    Gripping film noir crime drama about a manhunt for a ruthless killer who plays a deadly cat and mouse game with the police. Starring Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Whit Bissell, and Jack Webb, this movie was the basis for "Dragnet".

  • 1:33:17 Popular I Love Trouble (1948

    I Love Trouble (1948

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    A noirish detective yarn. The script is by Roy Huggins.

  • 1:11:08 Popular "THE HITCH-HIKER" (1953)

    "THE HITCH-HIKER" (1953)

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    Sixth Lupino feature and first "Film noir" made by a woman ever. Hardly sentimental and sharp edged thriller with very modern filming. The paralysed "eyelid" thing is very clever too.

  • 1:51:01 Popular Impact (1949)

    Impact (1949)

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    "Wealthy businessman survives attempt by wife to have him killed, makes it look like she succeeded and starts a new life in small town as auto mechanic. Variation on idea elevated to noir importance by The Killers (1946), where victim of femme fatale trie

  • 1:02:09 Popular Inner Sanctum (1948)

    Inner Sanctum (1948)

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    An atmospheric little noir starring Charles Russell and Mary Beth Hughes. Fritz Leiber, Sr. (father of the famous author) has a cameo as a seer or psychic.

  • 1:12:00 Popular Jail Bait (1954)

    Jail Bait (1954)

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    A vicious criminal uses plastic surgery to escape the police.This movie features Steve Reeves

  • 1:10:00 Popular Jigsaw (1949)

    Jigsaw (1949)

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    The plot is about a shadowy group called the Crusaders, which has been organizing itself into a power center. Its poster shows a handsome Aryan lad against the waving American flag. Their slogan, "Join The Crusaders -- Fight for America!". The implication

  • 1:39:00 Popular Kansas City Confidential (1952)

    Kansas City Confidential (1952)

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    Four robbers hold up an armored truck getting away with over a million dollars in cash. Joe Rolfe (John Payne), a down-on-his-luck flower delivery truck driver is accused of being involved and is beaten up by the local police. Released due to lack of evid